Wednesday, October 05, 2005

VOGG call for meeting of House Select Committee

Straw decolonisation reply

Local pressure group Voice of Gibraltar Group (VOGG) has called for an urgent meeting of the House of Assembly Select Committee on constitutional reform to discuss the reply given to Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

VOGG spokesman Paul Tunbridge said:

“We thank the Leader of the Opposition in taking Jack Straw to task over constitutional reform at the Labour Party Conference.

The Foreign Secretary’s reply is fraught with so many inconsistencies that it is tantamount to an admittance that the ‘Spanish Dimension’ will come into play, duly forewarned by the VOGG in a recent communiqué.

Therefore, we ask the Chief Minister to urgently call a meeting of the Select Committee to discuss the matter and issue an appropriate statement. Thus, gratuitous accusations of ‘satellite-groups, political commissars, speculation or mischief-making’ can be avoided.

It is rather ironic or downright hypocritical on Jack Straw’s part to precondition Turkey’s entry into the EU, amongst other things, on the lifting of the ban on direct flights between that country and Cyprus, decorating his discourse with the usual rhetoric of democratic values, etc. Yet Gibraltar finds itself with a similar exclusion, but is expected to negotiate and concede on an airport agreement in order to have it lifted; so much for his concept of values.”


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