Thursday, October 06, 2005

Vinet congratulates Gib anglers championship success

European Shore Angling Championship - Gibraltar 29th September to 2nd October 2005
The Minister for Sport, Fabian Vinet, has congratulated the Gibraltar section of the European Federation of Sea Anglers on the successful European Shore Angling Championships, which took place in Gibraltar last weekend.

Mr Vinet joined the anglers at the Detached Mole during the inaugural day of fishing and was appraised of techniques, as well as viewing the process of recording the results.

The Minister, who had previously hosted a welcome reception, presented trophies and addressed all participants and organisers at a Gala Dinner on Sunday evening.

He thanked the hard work of EFSA Gibraltar and of the Gibraltar Federation of Sea Anglers, paying particular tribute to the stewards, marshals and anyone who in any way contributed towards the success of these prestigious Championships.

“It is understandable for one to be proud of one’s own homeland, as I am sure our friends from abroad are of their respective countries, “ said Mr Vinet, referring to the participants from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

“I therefore make no apologies,” he continued in his speech, “for describing this little Rock of ours as a small but vibrant, unique and welcoming territory.”

Mr Vinet explained that he hoped the foreign participants would return home with warm memories of both the Championships and of Gibraltar as a whole, before wishing them a safe journey home.


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