Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Union calls for one hour stoppage

Social Services Agency

TGWU/ACTS has called for a one hour stoppage at 10am today by employees of the Social Services Agency outside their offices.

A TGWU spokesman said:

“There is growing discontent among our members at the Residential Small Unit Group. The issues of concern are as follows:

* Salary levels and not a fixed wage;
* Manning levels-shortage of staff;
* Job description;
* A 37 hour week for senior care workers and a review of their salary;
* Overtime rates;
* Supply workers not made permanent despite being employed for a long time.

We wrote to the Chief Executive two weeks ago highlighting the grievances of our members, although the agency has been aware of our grievances for a long time. The agency has not responded to our submission and we have been given no alternative but to implement industrial action.”


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