Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ullger highlights RGP anti-terrorism role

Passing out parade

Joe Ullger, the Commissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP), used this year’s passing out parade to highlight the role of the police in combating the threat of global terrorism.

He told the new recruits that Gibraltar was not immune to terrorism and that they would play a central role in ensuring the Rock remained a safe place in which to live. He reminded them of the commitment and the high standards that they were expected to maintain when they began their frontline policing. Commissioner Ullger urged them to be courteous and polite in their dealings with the public, but also firm when necessary.

There are 15 recruits in this year’s intake, including PC 38 Garcia; PC85 Celecia; PC107 Dalmedo; PC148 Olivero; PC166 Holmes; PC175 Quigley; PC189 Ward; PC202 Santos; PC83 Balloqui; PC95 Garcia; PC115 Barrett; PC161 Jones; PC169 Guy; PC178 Martinez; and PC190 Garratt.

The award for Best Academic Recruit, awarded to the officer who attained the highest average grade in exams over the 13-week training period, was won by PC Dylan Quigley.

The Best All Round Award, presented to the recruit who in the eyes of training staff had the most influence as an individual and on the class, was won by PC Anna Jones.

The training officers were Inspector Paul Richardson, PS James Sawyer and PC Jonathan Lutkin.


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