Monday, October 03, 2005

Trafalgar – "Prelude & Aftermath"

Heritage Talk

The The Gibraltar Museum has announced the seventh in its programme of Heritage Talks for 2005, commemorating two anniversaries: 200 years of Trafalgar and 75 years of the Gibraltar Museum.

The sixth lecture in the series, “Trafalgar – Prelude & Aftermath”, by Joe Desoisa of the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, will take place on Thursday 6th October at 20:30 hours at the John Mackintosh Hall.

A museum spokesman said:

“On the 5th September, 1781, the Royal Navy lost the crucial Battle of Chesapeake Bay against the French during the American War of Independence.

The result was that General Cornwallis at the head of a British army besieged at Yorktown was obliged to surrender to French and American forces commanded by Generals La Fayette and George Washington, leading in turn to the loss of the American Colonies.

It was a bitter lesson, underlining the importance of naval power to a sea-faring nation, and taken to heart by the British Admiralty which from hence on vigorously pursued a policy aimed at obtaining undisputed control of the oceans.

The naval career of Horatio Nelson paralleled this and other momentous events. By 1805 the admiralty had entrusted Nelson with the fate of the nation by giving him command of the ships with which to thwart Napoleon’s ambitions.

It happened that Napoleon was obliged to postpone his invasion plans, but by having concentrated his navies in the Eastern Atlantic he gave the Royal Navy the opportunity to bring about a decisive encounter off Cape Trafalgar in October 1805.

Nelson ensured that the engagement became a battle of annihilation and unsurpassed victory, presenting the Royal Navy with command of the high seas for the next hundred years.”

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Gibraltar Government Press Release - 30 September 2005 - No: 227/2005

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