Saturday, October 15, 2005

Spanish Senator revisits Gibraltar

Ana María Chacón Carretero - PSOE Senator for Cadiz
Ana María Chacón Carretero a PSOE senator for Cádiz, 35, paid a private visit to Gibraltar yesterday as a guest of the Mar del Sur Association headed by Ana León.

She is a member of the NATO parliamentary committee and of the ‘Comisión mixta’ for the EU. Sra Chacón was earlier in La Linea to address school and college students. A good English speaker she spent a year in Liverpool at the John Moore University as an Erasmus scholar where she made several Gibraltarian friends around 1995.

This was not her first visit as she has led several school visits here when a school teacher. She said Gibraltar provides students with a unique opportunity to enjoy a different culture and learn some English. She said that organisations like Mar del Sur should be encouraged to do work which creates greater understanding in the process of the relationship between the Rock and Spain. She was frank about the lack of knowledge in Spain even at political level about the way Gibraltar works.

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