Monday, October 17, 2005

Slovenian company interested in GibTelecom shares

Slovenia Telekoms is one of a number of parties interested in buying Verizon’s 50% stake in Gibtelecom, Peter Caruana, the Chief Minister, told the House of Assembly.

And he added that the government, while not actively seeking to sell its own 50% share of the company, would entertain possible offers.

“The government understands that Verizon have now sold almost all of their investments in Europe and are now looking to complete their exit from Europe by selling their equity in Gibtelecom,” Mr Caruana said in response to questions from the GSLP/Liberals opposition.

“There is therefore a very high prospect that Verizon will sell its stake to one of the parties with which it is presently in discussion, which includes Slovenia Telekom.

While the government is not actively seeking to dispose of its shareholding, it would certainly listen to and consider any options that emerged as part of Verizon’s disposal.”

Mr Caruana added that the government had no interest in buying Verizon’s stake itself.

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