Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sisarello hits out at Social Services Agency

Social Services - Union dispute

TGWU Branch Officer Charles Sisarello has accused the Gibraltar Social Services Agency of showing “no goodwill” or desire for dialogue and has restated the long list of claims that employees have made to management.

In a statement of reply to the Agency, Mr Sisarello says management has failed to address their grievances. He said:

“The Agency statement contains a list of conditions which the Union has not raised and is not in dispute with, while the issues in dispute have not been touched upon.

We are not seeking a pension scheme, improved sick leave, night duty allowance etc, since these conditions have already been agreed.

Our claim is the following: a salary scale which is not available; an increase in manning levels as there is a shortage of staff; a job description; a 37 hour week and a salary review of senior care workers; long term supply workers to be made permanent; overtime payment for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays to be at double time.”

Mr Sisarello continued:

“None of our grievances were highlighted in their press release. Contrary to what has been published of the July meeting, the members were not satisfied with the outcome. It stands to reason that had this been the case, then there would not have been any objective motive for our one hour stoppage.

For a long time our members have been pursuing these grievances and no action has been taken. We wrote to the Chief Executive on September 27th highlighting the problems and urging a response. No reply or acknowledgment was forthcoming until Monday 10th October we informed the agency of our decision to stage a one hour walk out. Only then did the social services agency respond to the Union on the need to hold a meeting and start negotiations.

The reasons that our members have not gone public on their grievances has been due to their goodwill and professionalism in putting the interest of the agency before their own particular interest. Therefore we must be thankful to this group of people.”

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