Saturday, October 01, 2005

A political agreement on pensions and the airport edges closer

Tripartite Forum

Britain will be forking out around 40 million euros as part of a settlement to pay revalued pensions to the former Spanish workers in Gibraltar, according to reports in the Spanish press following yesterday’s three-way technical talks in London.

It is understood that this will be one of several agreements that will be ratified at a full ministerial meeting of the Tripartite Forum probably before the end of the year or early in 2006.

Meanwhile according to Spanish sources, Palma de Mallorca seems the likely venue for the Tripartite Talks between the Governments of Britain, Spain and Gibraltar.

Not only the pensions issue, which for Spain would ease progress on other fronts, but joint use of the airport and a breakthrough on local telecommunications, have also been the subject of intense technical discussions in recent months.

This is seen as prepare the way for a tripartite political announcement on cross-border cooperation encompassing all these measures.


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