Monday, October 10, 2005

Opposition raise anti-social behaviour problems on the Rock

Gibraltar's Legislative body - The House of Assembly
The rising tide of anti-social behaviour and juvenile delinquency in Gibraltar will be discussed in the House of Assembly where the GSLP/Libs will formulate no less than 36 questions on the subject at the meeting of the House of Assembly which opens on Thursday.

The last meeting for questions took place in April.

Charles Bruzon GSLP Representative - Shadow Minister for Housing
Opposition spokesman for Housing Charles Bruzon will ask Government whether they accept that there are problems of anti-social behaviour in some housing estates.

Mr Bruzon has also tabled a question to find out whether the changes to the pointage system that came into effect in August this year constitute the major reforms of the Housing Allocation Procedures previously announced or whether there are further measures planned.

He will also ask Government to state how many of the 1112 applications received by the closing date for the purchase of Waterport Terraces were from applicants who were on the pre-list for housing and how many were from applicants on the housing waiting list proper.

Mr Bruzon has also tabled a wide range of questions on social affairs.

For his part GSLP/Lib spokesman for Education Steven Linares will ask the Government to state how many juveniles convicted by the courts were given community service as a sentence, and what a community service sentence actually entails in practice, in terms of the work involved for adults and juveniles.

He also wants to know how much money has been allocated to GJBS for monitoring, supervising and conducting other works carried out at the Theatre Royal site.

Mr Linares will also ask how much was collected from associations and others for mounting stalls at the fair and National Day.

Opposition spokeswoman for Health Shadow Health Minister Marie Montegriffo has tabled nearly 100 questions for the Government to answer and raise the issue of “the poor quality of meals at the Europort hospital, as well as the problems with the drinking water.” She will also ask for a categorical assurance from Government that adequate steps have been taken to ensure that the problem with residual dissolved copper in parts of the hospital water supply system will not re-occur.

Ms Montegriffo wants Government to confirm whether there have been any new cases of MRSA infection affecting patients within St Bernard’s Hospital or affecting those who have been treated in health facilities abroad. She has also tabled a number of questions relating to the hospital complaints mechanism.

For his part Shadow Minister for Government Services Lucio Randall has tabled 41 questions on a wide range of issues. He will ask Government to state the number of power cuts that affected whole districts in the semester ended 30 Sepember 2005, the areas affected and why they happened.

With regard to communications, Mr Randall seeks to establish the prospects of Slovenia Telekoms or another undertaking acquiring the equity holding that the Government, Verizon or both hold in Gibtelecom.

Mr Randall asks the Government to provide an estimate of the cost of re-opening Dudley Ward Tunnel for vehicular traffic, and how many units of the antiviral drug Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) have recently been ordered and what is the criterion that will be used to dispense the units in the event that a pandemic of avian flu should affect the Rock.

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