Saturday, October 01, 2005

No more ‘Monkey Business’ Hoyle tells Caruana

Gibraltar Group chairman Lindsay Hoyle MP
An unexpected row appears to have developed between the Chief Minister and MP Lindsay Hoyle after teasing remarks about the latter’s knowledge of agriculture attributed to Mr Caruana by the Daily Telegraph.

Mr Hoyle replied:

“It’s a bit rich of the Chief Minister to talk to me about agriculture when there’s not a single farm in Gibraltar. In fact, the nearest he’s got to a farm in Gibraltar is that wildlife park at the top of the rock. I’ll expect no more monkey business from him.”

Mr Hoyle Chairman of the Gibraltar Group in Parliament ‘impressed’ crowds at the recent national day rally with his rendition of Peter Kay’s running on the spot antics to the strains of ‘Is this the way to Amarillo.’

According to the newspaper Mr Caruana had joked that Mr Hoyle’s absence from a reception he hosted for Labour conference delegates in Brighton this week was because he had attended a meeting on agriculture with Margaret Beckett.

Mr Caruana said:

“I’m sorry that Lindsey can’t be here. He’s actually at a fringe meeting with Margaret Beckett talking about agriculture a subject about which he knows absolutely nothing as far as I’m aware. I just hope that Mrs Beckett is doing the talking.”

The Chief Minister’s “cheap crack” received a “barbed response” from the Chorley MP who said he had a great interest in farming and represents a number of farmers in his constituency, added the Daily Telegraph.


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