Saturday, October 01, 2005

NGD surprised with Azopardi remarks

New Gibraltar Democracy PartyNew Gibraltar Democracy has said it notes with welcome surprise Keith Azopardi’s statement that during the GSD’s terms in government, not enough progress was made on the issue of democratic accountability in Gibraltar.

Charles Gomez - Leader of New Gibraltar Democracy, Gibraltar's latest political partyHowever party leader Charles Gomez yesterday expressed surprise that a person who was in government for eight years should make such a statement coinciding with his resignation from the ruling party.

“Surely Mr Azopardi had ample time and the opportunity to correct the problems which he now complains of,” he said.

Speaking to the Chronicle Mr Gomez added:

“The statement is welcome because failings in the democratic system always affect the interests and well being of citizens in some way or another. Lack of proper democratic accountability leads to abuses of power and the possibility of corruption.

The NGD is committed to ensuring that all Gibraltar’s institutions comply with the highest standards of democratic probity.

Supposedly, Mr Azopardi would never have complained were it not for Daniel Feetham having joined the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) executive.

It is important that politicians should have the courage of their convictions to speak up at all times and not just when they feel aggrieved at the manner in which they are treated by their political masters.”


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