Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Museum takes leading role in Malta

Professor Clive Finlayson, Director of the Gibraltar Museum, has just returned from a three-day visit to Malta.

Professor Finlayson was guest of Heritage Malta, the Maltese Government’s Agency responsible for heritage on the islands.

Professor Finlayson was one of three guest speakers at the annual heritage forum that focused on the theme of heritage and tourism. The two other guest speakers were the directors of the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich and of the Museu Maritim of Barcelona.

Professor Finlayson spoke about the relationship between research, conservation and tourism potential, dealing with Gibraltar as a case study. The lecture was very well received and quoted repeatedly by other speakers. It emphasises the leading role of Gibraltar and the museum in the field of heritage research and conservation.

Professor Finlayson was also invited to speak on the second day during the course of the Forum of Mediterranean Maritime Museums. On this occasion, Professor Finlayson presented the Bicentenary Exhibition, currently open at Casemates, as a case study on the development of exhibitions with an appeal to tourists and the local community.

The Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) held its annual meeting during the course of these events. An executive council was established given the increasing number of participating museums and associated institutions. The Gibraltar Museum was one of five museums elected into the council, the other cities represented being Barcelona (Spain), Genova and Palermo (Italy), and Piran (Slovenia). The Gibraltar Museum will therefore continue as a leader in the context of Mediterranean maritime museums.


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