Saturday, October 15, 2005

MoD hopes for ‘in house’ option

Unions write to Defence Secretary

Talks could begin ‘within weeks’ on the ‘in-house’ option in relation to MOD cuts, Commander British Forces Allan Adair has confirmed.

This follows an exchange of correspondence between Defence Secretary Dr John Reid and TGWU chief Jack Dromey with a decision pending on the outcome of that.

MOD has said it is prepared to “work on this and delegate things down to a local level.”

Commodore Adair said he hoped that within two or three weeks talks will take place and the in-house option will be taken forward with the help of Command Staff in Gibraltar.

“I am very much looking forward to taking this forward and bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion both for the MOD at large and mainly for people locally.”

Meanwhile, the unions are holding their ground against contractorisation but it is understood they are awaiting a reply to their response to Dr Reid following his original letter which urged the ‘in-house option.’ That in effect means the affected workers putting together a package that would be an alternative to contractorisation but help achieve MOD targets. The union are seeking clarification from Dr Reid as to what precisely the ‘in-house’ bid would entail and details of the suggestion.

It remains possible that union leaders could chance on Mr Reid if he attends the Gibraltar Day in London also attended by Gibraltar unions and to which Mr Dromey has also been invited.

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