Saturday, October 08, 2005

Men of power pose for posterity

Minister with responsibilities for Utilities, Fabian Vinet, has joined former employees of the Electricity Department and present employees of the Electricity Authority for a commemorative group photograph at King’s Bastion Generating Station, prior to the commencement of its demolition on Monday.

Mr Vinet said:

“King’s Bastion Generating Station has played a vital role in Gibraltar and so its demolition, as part of Government’s exciting manifesto commitment to build a leisure centre, is an event that deserves to be immortalized.

As has already been announced, the demolition of the modern buildings inside the King’s Bastion has now been completed, and it is important to note that all structures of historical significance, as advised by the Heritage Trust, have been retained.

The demolition of the Generating Station building will commence on Monday. I welcomed the opportunity to meet with a number of former workers who still vividly recall their professional involvement with King’s Bastion Generating Station. A couple of elderly gentlemen proudly displayed photographs taken during the 1960s and it was evident that this was an emotional day for them.

One chapter of King’s Bastion, as a source of Gibraltar’s power generation, is now closed, but the new plans for the area as a fully equipped leisure centre will, I am sure, be very welcomed indeed.”


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