Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Local company in legal row over cash

MoD contractorisation case

Local company Electrical Consulting Services Ltd (ECS) is set to enter into complex litigation with a former MoD service provider now in administration called Inframan.

Inframan took over operations previously handled by Hyder Infrastructure Management Ltd.

A claim form has been submitted to the Gibraltar court and ECS’s director Anthony Antoniou has said that the dispute could lead to job losses if it is not resolved.

His company is also claiming that MoD has enjoyed the benefit of work done for that has not been paid for to any party. However, the Inframan administrators have countered the claim saying ECS lacks proof and actually seek some £49,799 from ECS in a counterclaim.

According to ECS the litigation may call on evidence from former MOD management and discussions have been held with senior MOD figures in Gibraltar and UK.

The administrators in the case are Grant Thornton.

Although an initial claim deals with over £50,000 the overall claim including additional parties may be very substantial.

The MOD are watching developments in the case. ECS claim that problems they suffered might be linked to a Gibraltar Services Police CID investigation which we understand was not conclusive.

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