Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Housing Group call for rental property

Government housing plans applauded

Pressure group Action for Housing have welcomed the recent Government announcement of a further 900 ‘affordable homes for sale’ in the three south district projects, but they also say Government has remained silent on its commitment to build homes for rental.

The Government said AH is to be congratulated for spearheading these projects and going “a long way to meeting the needs of the community, provided these are truly affordable.” They say prices must be kept within reach of ordinary local buyers.

AH insist that housing for rental is a GSD electoral promise and that there is a great need for this as some are unable to purchase.

“An early announcement on the construction of flats for rental would be very good news indeed,” they said adding that there is urgent need for contingency arrangements for the genuinely homeless.

“Those unfortunate cases need to be addressed now and cannot wait three to four years by which time we shall have hopefully, broken the back of the housing shortage.”


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