Thursday, October 13, 2005

House set for 500 questions

The GSLP/Liberal Opposition has tabled nearly 500 questions for the meeting of the House of Assembly which starts this morning.

This is the second question-time of the year.

The Leader of the Opposition Joe Bossano will himself be asking over 80 questions, among which he will ask the Government whether they have had any response from Her Majesty’s Government on the report they submitted on the economic impact of the MOD’s contractorisation plans.

A high proportion of Mr Bossano’s questions aim to monitor the state of the economy in general and of Government finances in particular. In addition to these he has also tabled questions on a wide range of issues.

The Opposition Leader will ask the Government to state which was the professional team from UK that designed the Waterport housing estate and how they were selected. He also wants Government to say when the UK Waterport housing design team was appointed and when they completed their work and at what cost.

On the same subject, Mr Bossano will ask the Government to specify, giving a breakdown, what expenditure to date has been incurred by GRP Investments Company Ltd in connection with the Waterport housing scheme. He has also tabled a question to establish what is the anticipated fixed price at which fitted kitchens will be offered to purchasers of flats at the Waterport Estate.

Mr Bossano has also tabled a series of questions on the Eastside project. He wants Government to state what is the limit in metres from the present edge of the existing Eastside reclaimed area that the developer is permitted to reclaim. Mr Bossano also wants to know at what depth the maximum reclaimed area will be in the permitted extension to the Eastside project. He also wants to know whether there is a time limit within which the additional reclamation in the Eastside development has to be completed.

On the same subject the Leader of the Opposition will ask Government to state what professional fees have been incurred in connection with the Eastside development, to whom such fees have been paid, from which source they have been paid and in respect of which financial years.

Mr Bossano has also tabled a number of questions on the Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA). He has tabled a question to find out whether it is the policy of the Government to separate the GHA from the Civil Service. He will also ask Government to provide the salary scale of each grade of employee working in the GHA indicating those grades which have a pay review pending. Mr Bossano will also ask whether the Clinical Report on Laboratory Services has now been presented to the Government and if so what its conclusions are. On the same issue, he also wants Government to provide a breakdown by nationality of the last two intakes of students undertaking Staff Nurse Training.


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