Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gibraltar's TGWU announces restructure

TGWU/ACTS has announced it will be restructured into five branches as opposed to the existing three, in line with the recommendation of the General Executive Council of the Union in UK.

Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said:

“The purpose of the reorganisation is to provide the membership with a more representative structure and taking into account the composition of the membership.

Since the 1960’s the TGWU has consisted of three branches – public, ACTS and the private sector, and from each branch four members were elected to the Gibraltar District Committee.

With the changes there will now be five branches and each branch will consist of ten members which will be constitutional committees.

The number of branch members elected to the Gibraltar District Committee will depend on the size and composition of that branch. The new District Committee will be composed of 15 and not 12 members as before. Nomination papers and the new structure are available at Transport House.”


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