Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gibraltarian Submarine Officer served in Spanish Navy

A Gibraltarian naval officer Lieutenant Cecil Ladislaus rejoined the nuclear submarine HMS Turbulent this week and is currently the Signals Communication officer on board.

He had previously done a six month exchange with the Spanish navy, a CBF spokesman said yesterday.

The spokesman said:

“Lieutenant Ladislaus 28, left Bayside school in 1995 to go to Nottingham university. He studied for a degree in Civil Engineering and worked as an engineer before deciding to change career and join the Royal Navy as a Warfare officer.”

Lieutenant Ladislaus says:

“I was in the Territorial Army for 6 years, two years with the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and four years with the Royal Engineers. After working as an engineer I needed a change so decided to join the Royal Navy because of the career and opportunities for travel.”

He was commissioned from Officer Training at Dartmouth before serving on HMS Exeter and HMS Gloucester.

He has travelled all over the world with the Navy and also did a six month exchange with the Spanish Navy. He was selected to work onboard submarines after his Junior Warfare Officer’s course.

When asked about his impression of working on HMS Turbulent, he says:

“As a relatively young officer, I was thrown in at the deep end. For example, learning to navigate without windows takes a while to get used to.”

Lieutenant Ladislaus has managed to visit family in Gibraltar twice on ship visits to Gibraltar. He says, “It is a definite bonus living somewhere like Gibraltar. It is good to see the world, but I also look forward to visiting family and friends.”


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