Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gibraltar banking conference “a great success,” says Clinton

Gibraltar’s banking and finance industry has reason to be optimistic and the situation is looking better than two years ago, Gibraltar Bankers’ Association president Roy Clinton told the Chronicle yesterday.

The GBA held a very productive and successful conference at the Caleta Hotel this week when the development of a stock exchange and pan-European pension funds were two of the subjects under discussion.

Mr Clinton said that the conference included the participation of the Chief Minister who had given “ an informative address” followed by a lively question and answer session.

The organisers had also invited senior accountants and representatives of insurance companies to develop as much interaction as possible with other finance centre players.

“Many people went away satisfied with what they got from the conference,” declared Mr Clinton.

The conference was divided into two sessions a morning one attended by some 60 senior staff, and an afternoon sitting of a technical nature that was also well attended.

There were presentations by the Financial Services Commission, the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit and the Government’s Legislation Support Unit.

The GBA president highlighted how the gaming company sector had created a great demand for skills which was a good thing for Gibraltar, and that the banking sector would continue to help develop the local skills base in pursuit of a full employment policy.

Mr Clinton said banks participated in the finance centre as “a responsible member of the financial community, together with the Financial Services Commission, the Gibraltar Government and other bodies, to achieve results.”

He declared that new opportunities were arising as the industry moved to more value added type business activity.

“From our point of view banks are doing well, and the industry is stable and prosperous.”

Mr Clinton added that they expected to expand the conference and organise an even bigger event next year.

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