Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Gib Liberals in Mallorca conference

Mallorca seems to be in vogue with local politicians as a delegation from the Gibraltar Liberal Party of Gibraltar will shortly be leaving for the Balearics to participate in a political conference on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership known as “The Barcelona Process”.

This will be followed by a meeting of the Executive Committee of Liberal International.

The Gibraltar delegation is headed by Liberal Party leader Dr Joseph Garcia and includes Secretary General Steven Linares and Executive Member Leslie Bruzon.

A Liberal Party spokesman said:

“The objective of the Barcelona Process is to foster cooperation on political reform, economic liberalization and social issues between the European Union and the countries on the southern and eastern rim of the Mediterranean.

The territories are Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. Economic, political and social issues will all be debated in detail at the conference as will the Israeli-Palestinian situation which also has an influence on the success or otherwise of the Barcelona Process.

The keynote address will be delivered by the former Prime Minister of Finland who is now an MEP and who is the European Parliament’s rapporteur on the Barcelona Process. There will be round table sessions which will centre on different topics. Panelists in these sessions include Alistair Crook the former EU envoy to the Middle East, Avraham Poraz former Minister of the Interior of Israel and a former Finance Minister of Jordan Basam Awadallah.”

The conference will be followed by the Executive Committee meeting of Liberal International. This is the main governing body of the organisation between Congresses.

The Liberal Party of Gibraltar have a seat and a vote in their own right. Dr Garcia said that any discussion on Mediterranean policy and cooperation between north and south was very relevant to Gibraltar given our location opposite Africa and at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea itself.

“We will take every opportunity to contribute to the discussion and put across the Gibraltar perspective during the deliberations."

In addition to this the Gibraltar Liberals will update politicians from all over the world on Spain’s decision to challenge in court the extension of the vote in European Parliamentary elections to Gibraltar, and inform the other delegates of the on-going negotiations with the UK for a new decolonising constitution,” he added.


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