Saturday, October 01, 2005

Gib goes pink to support Cancer Research

Gibraltar went pink yesterday as thousands of the Rock’s inhabitants - from school children to old age pensioners, and from shop assistants to senior bankers - donned pink shirts, blouses, or T-shirts to indicate their support for cancer research in a drive largely orchestrated by local bank employee Jenny Tilbury, a member of the Cancer Support Committee.

Yesterday’s drive – which is to be followed by similar events among banks and businesses next week - is expected to raise several thousand pounds for the charity.

At the Barclays branch in Main Street, where Mrs Tilbury works as a small business assistant banking manager, all the female staff – and many of their male colleagues – wore the pink T-shirts bearing the legend “Cancer Research UK”, while senior staff (including local director Tim Streatfeild-James and his second in command Derek Sene) wore shirts in various shades of pink. It was a similar story at the bank’s head office in Regal House.

The bank – which bought several hundred of the T-shirts while the staff “doubled up” the contribution by each also paying the cost into the charity - had also placed collection boxes in its banking halls. The bank adds to everything raised by its staff and customers on a pound for pound basis.

“Next Friday, with the backing of the staff, instead of their tea and coffee being ‘on the house’ they will pay 50p a cup, and this will also go to the cancer research charity,” Streatfeild-James told the Chronicle.

“And on the same day, smokers on the staff have agreed to cough up a quid a time for every cigarette they have during office hours.”

The ‘think pink’ concept was the brain-child of a Barclays staff member in Jersey, where Sundra Bettridge local small business manager heard of it. She suggested to Mrs Tilbury that it could be done in Gibraltar and the idea was taken up enthusiastically.

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