Wednesday, October 12, 2005

GGR call for Sex Offenders Register

Gibraltar's Equality Rights Group GGRGibraltar Gay Rights yesterday announced the commencement of a petition campaign for the introduction of a Sex Offenders Register in Gibraltar.

GGR say that child abuse under any guise must not be tolerated and Government must put measures to protect children.

Annette Vallejo GGR spokeswoman on abuse issues said:

"For two years we've been calling on Government to introduce a Register to ensure that anyone who offends sexually against children is registered.

A Register of sex offenders is necessary so that abusers of children can be kept in view by the authorities and as a further deterrent.

We are confident that the ordinary people of Gibraltar fully back this initiative.

We see no reasonable excuse for Government either to delay or to avoid the introduction of such a register. This is an important tool in helping Police who are already doing an excellent job in assisting in these cases within their limited means."

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