Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cancer 'Walk for Life' breaks all local records!

Walk for Life in aid of Breast cancer on Saturday broke all records.

Organisers, Gibraltar Branch Cancer Research UK, had enough medals for some 800 walkers but already half an hour before the walk it was obvious their original calculation, double that of last year, would fall short. And it did by over 500!

This year around 1400 people – women, men, children and pets – walked for life.

Although the total figure raised is still not known, on the day itself over £14,000 were collected, already breaking last years overall record. With money still coming in the local branch is hopeful the figure could stretch to a few more thousand.

For many the walk took around an hour. This year at the starting line was the Mayor’s wife Sylvia Beltran, who got the walkers into jogging and walking mode, also participating in the walk.

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