Friday, October 07, 2005

Bossano rounds on Moratinos: ‘Keep your nose out’

Utrecht was a slave deal, UN told

Joe Bossano - GSLP Head and Leader of the Opposition
Opposition Leader Joe Bossano lunged verbally into Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos and described his remarks to the UN last month as “a bit rich.”

Sr Moratinos had said Spain wanted decolonisation of Gibraltar, Mr Bossano pointed out that she has in fact been blocking this for 40 years with all her powers.

Mr Bossano told UN delegates that Gibraltar would prefer to de-list with their support and involvement and with Spain accepting given “there is nothing they can do to stop us.”

“But if this is not to be, we shall achieve it by ourselves, as so many of you have done when you emerged from colonial rule.”

Mr Bossano referred to UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's comment to him last week that but for Spain Gibraltar would have been decolonised years ago.

But Mr Bossano also took Mr Straw to task over his clinging to the Treaty of Utrecht. Before a largely black representation in the UN Chamber he described how Utrecht had mostly been a trade treaty on the trafficking of Negroes. This was a treaty that did not reflect any of the human values cherished by the UN today.

“We have two Socialist governments in Spain and UK hiding behind the pseudo legitimacy of this bankrupt, long defunct Treaty to justify their flagrant failure to observe their obligations under the Charter to a people under colonial rule.”

Mr Bossano told Spain that “our decolonisation is none of their business and they should not stick their nose in where they are not wanted.”

“Our wish,” he said, “is to agree with UK a new constitution to achieve the maximum possible level of self-government beyond which there is only emergence as an independent sovereign state.”

He told the UN that he agreed with their view that reports on a territory have to continue until the General Assembly decides a territory has reached a full measure of self-government. Britain’s view was that the decision was for the territory and its administering power.

“However since you (the UN) do not in our case show the remotest interest in participating in the decolonisation process currently under way we will have to settle for second best,” he said adding that when the negotiations are finalised and a decolonisation referendum is held “we shall hold UK to its word” for delisting.

Mr Bossano compared the UN Fourth Committee(on Decolonisation) to the three wise monkeys – neither seeing, hearing nor speaking.

On the trilateral forum Mr Bossano predicted that Sr Moratinos is “going to be a very disappointed man”. There will be no sovereignty concessions made to Spain, he said.

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