Saturday, October 08, 2005

Anonymous “Real GSD” leaflet attacks Caruana for merger with Labour

Azopardi and Cruz disassociate themselves

An anonymous hard-hitting leaflet against Chief Minister Peter Caruana from disgruntled GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) followers who call themselves “Real GSD Democracy” was being circulated around Gibraltar yesterday.

The leaflet has come out at a time when Mr Caruana was in New York where he addressed the UN Fourth Committee on Thursday. The pamphlet claims that the GSD no longer represents the original ideas of the party and vehemently rejects the merger with the Labour Party. There is also a strong personal attack on ex-Labour leader Daniel Feetham.

Meanwhile former GSD executive committee members Keith Azopardi and Nick Cruz quickly issued a statement to disassociate themselves from the contents of the leaflet. The statement said:

“We understand that an anonymous leaflet entitled “Our GSD” is being distributed around various parts of Gibraltar.

Neither Keith Azopardi or Nick Cruz or persons close to us have been involved in its production or distribution and nor did we have any prior knowledge about it.

We expressly wish to disassociate ourselves from that leaflet. It represents precisely the personalised attack that in our view has no place in political life.

Whatever we wish to say about issues we will say publicly, without hiding behind anonymity, dispassionately and within the parameters of fair political [and not personal] comment.”

RGP Investigate

It is understood the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP) is investigating the authorship of the leaflet since in Gibraltar it is illegal to issue political pamphlets anonymously.


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