Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Airfield intruder causes flight delay

Gibraltar Service Police had to close the road across the runway for over 40 minutes on Saturday when an intruder was spotted near the Cross of Sacrifice, a British military spokesman said yesterday.

HQ British Forces GibraltarA spokesman for HQ British Forces Gibraltar said:

"The man was carrying a large rucksack and jumped over the wall into the airfield near the Cross of Sacrifice.

Vehicles waiting to cross the airfield were kept waiting and the Monarch flight was kept on standby whilst a patrol was sent out to check the airfield.

After approximately 40 minutes, the GSP reported that the airfield was secure and handed over to Air Traffic Control so that the flight could take off.”

Meanwhile the RAF Gibraltar Station Commander emphasized the importance of security at the airfield and said safety was of the utmost importance.

“We needed to ensure that passengers on the aircraft were not put at risk,” he said.

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