Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Vinet opens ‘Quartenary’ Conference

Heritage Minister Fabian Vinet yesterday opened the VI Iberian Quartenary Meeting, a three-day conference that will bring together leading scientists and researchers from across Spain and Portugal, as well as Gibraltar.

The Quaternary is a subdivision of geological time that covers the last two million years up to the present day.

The theme this year is ‘The Iberian Peninsula and its Peopling by Hominids’, a subject that reflects international interest in human evolution and its dispersal through the Quartenary.

The series of lectures includes keynote speeches on flora and fauna in Iberia and a comparison of human evolution in north and south Europe. Other talks will examine the role of the Strait of Gibraltar as a bridge between two continents and specialist subjects such as climatic and geological change through the period.

Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar - Photo courtesy of http://donsmaps.com/mousterian.htmlWelcoming this as a truly Iberian project Mr Vinet also commented on his visit to the excavation at Gorham’s Cave.

“Work here has expanded under the auspices of the Government of Gibraltar through the Gibraltar Museum. It is indeed the Government’s intention that this work will continue in the future as a major element of the scientific work that is carried out here. And it has been especially pleasing to see how various projects have materialised and evolved through co-operation between colleagues from Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal, among many others.”

Delegates to the conference will also visit a number of sites in Gibraltar, including Gorham’s Cave.

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