Friday, September 16, 2005

US Nuclear sub in Bay

Los Angeles-class nuclear powered attack submarine Asheville (SSN-758), similar to the one reported in the Bay of Gibraltar conducting a 'boat transfer' - Photo courtesy of NavSource Online - Click image to viewA US Los Angeles class nuclear submarine conducted a routine visit to Gibraltar on Wednesday September 14 in order to carry out an exchange of personnel.

An MoD spokesman said:

“The brief visit (called a boat transfer) was conducted in the Bay of Gibraltar and without the need to dock in the naval base.

The submarine is a conventional attack submarine and is powered by a nuclear powered steam turbine. This reduces the need to return to the surface to recharge batteries or replenish oxygen (efficient ‘scrubbers’ recycle the air in the boat). The limit to the boat’s underwater endurance is the amount of food and the psychological limits of the crew.”


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