Thursday, September 29, 2005

Union raise “discrimination" in sick leave entitlements

TGWU/ACTS has drawn attention to the issue of sick leave entitlements for private sector workers criticising that these should be inferior to what workers in the public sector get.

In a statement yesterday they also expressed concern about the non-acceptance of Moroccan sick leave certificates in the private sector.

The Union has written to the Labour Advisory Board outlining its position on these matters and says it will do its utmost “to eradicate what it considers to be discriminatory practices.”

The board includes representatives from the Chamber (Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce), GFSB (Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses), GTC (Gibraltar Trades Council) and Government.

TGWU Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said:

“We have submitted proposals for discussion in the board on these two problems that seriously affect our members working in this sector. We want employees who are hospitalised, undergo surgery, sponsored patients etc, to be entitled to special sick leave over and above the legally established minimum of two weeks at full pay and four weeks at half pay.

Many of our members and their families suffer financial hardship, when they find themselves in that situation. This only affects private sector employees as in the public sector they are entitled to six months at full pay and 26 weeks at half pay.

The other issue of concern is the non-acceptance in many private sector establishments of Moroccan sick notes, despite the fact that they are issued by the Moroccan Health Authority. Official employers have no problem in accepting this requirement but in the private sector this is not the case. Again for a different reason, our Moroccan members find themselves at a disadvantage with their counterparts in the public sector.”


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