Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TGWU publish Pension Guide

TGWU has published a pension guide for Union members “and all working people in Gibraltar.”

This is part of a campaign by the Union to extend pension rights to all workers in the private sector not currently covered by a scheme.

In a statement issued yesterday, Branch Officer Charles Sisarello said the purpose of the report was to inform workers of the three main occupational pension schemes that exist locally and cover large numbers of staff.

“We hope this will assist them in assessing how much they will receive when they retire,” he said.

Mr Sisarello said employees in the private sector “are worse off as they do not have any occupational pensions, and their only income derives from the Social Insurance pension scheme and Community Care.” “To redress this deficit has become a Union objective,” said Mr Sisarello.

The three schemes that exist in Gibraltar are the Gibraltar Government Civil Service, the MoD and the Gibraltar Provident Trust 1 and 2 pension schemes.

Mr Sisarello added that it was in the construction, wholesale & retail, hotels and restaurants where the problem was greater.

“There are 5,000 workers employed in this sector who are discriminated regardless of nationality on the question of occupational pension rights,” added the Union Branch Officer.


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