Friday, September 09, 2005

Technical issues could resolve block to Airport Agreement

Cadiz PSOE Senator Jose Carracao has called for a broader participation from Gibraltar in the process of discussions with Spain to include Joe Bossano, Opposition Leader.

At a press conference in Algeciras yesterday he is reported as saying that the process should not be reduced to government level alone but should include the Opposition Leader in Gibraltar and other social and economic representatives.

“The issues that the Spanish Government has to resolve it must do so with the whole Gibraltarian society so that when these are resolved it has the weight and quality necessary and they are not later rejected by a section of the people.”

Sr Carracao urged the participation by the Opposition on the basis that this constitutes an alternative government and said that this is a time of expectation.

“It is a moment of very constructive dialogue in which the (Spanish) government has taken a very important stand and which should have an echo and positive repercussion in the economic and social representatives of Gibraltar.”

On the remarks by Chief Minister Peter Caruana in relation to his position on the non-presence of Spanish police or customs at the airport he said that it was not the moment to enter into detail.

“We must be especially prudent since, apart from anything, Caruana has difficulties there in Gibraltar. He was optimistic that an agreement can be achieved as soon as the issues remaining “can be resolved technically.”

He said this would involve bringing the one terminal closer to Spanish territory but he stressed that the important thing is to reach an agreement acceptable to all side.

Meanwhile he revealed that the secretary of state for Social Security Octavio Granados is to visit the Campo later this month to look into the Spanish pensions issue.


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