Monday, September 26, 2005

Spain being ‘theoretically' nice to win Gibraltar, says Bossano

The setting up of the tripartite forum is for Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos an example to the United Nations of the “constructive spirit of Spain in its bilateral negotiations with UK.”

Joe Bossano - GSLP Leader of the OppositionThat was the view expressed by Joe Bossano Opposition Leader in a radio interview with GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation) this weekend.

Mr Bossano said that from the beginning what Spain was persuaded by the UK and what the tripartite forum is about “is that they were never going to be able to achieve what they want over Gibraltar unless they were able to woo the Gibraltarians.” He said that this was the policy that has been the line that London has tried to sell to Madrid for 35 years.

“What the tripartite, from Spain’s perspective is about, is about reducing the tension which is the result from the restrictions which they could have reduced at anytime they wanted without asking for anything in exchange.

The theory is that the removing the restrictions our flights, on our position in the EU, on the finance centre, on telephone … would create a climate more propitious to our being more receptive to a bilateral deal cooked up between them and London.”

London had argued, he said, that Spain could hardly be favourably disposed to a deal on sovereignty when they are being nasty to us.

Mr Bossano said he was against giving concessions to placate Spain and said that on the airport there was 95% done which nobody knew anything about and the same for the remaining 5%, a reference to the Chief Minister having said that 95% of an agreement on the airport had been achieved.


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