Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Opposition takes up broken lift complaint

Tenants of Referendum House have asked the GSLP/Liberals Opposition to take up their complaint over problems with a lift at one of the housing estates.

The tenants of one of the two tower blocks in Glacis Estate have reportedly complained to the Opposition that one of the two lifts in the building has been out of action for about two months.

According to the Opposition the broken-down lift is the one that stops on even number floors. There is another lift which stops on odd number floors.

“This poses a problem for elderly and infirm persons in the building who have to either take a lift to the floor above theirs or the floor below and walk up or down the flights of steps to the floor that they want. This is particularly difficult for persons carrying shopping bags and for disabled persons on wheelchairs,” said an Opposition spokesman. He said that tenants also claim that the Government’s response is that they are waiting for a spare part for the lift.

“It is totally unacceptable that the supply of a spare part for an essential service of this kind should be taking such an inordinate amount of time. There is the added risk that the second lift could break down at any moment leaving some tenants with sixteen floors to climb on foot,” said the Opposition as it also urged the Government to give the matter some urgency given the distress that this is causing those affected.


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