Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Opposition accuse Gibraltar Government of “cheap” attempt at cover up

St Bernard’s Hospital potable water row

GSLP/Liberals has accused the Gibraltar Government of “a cheap and transparent attempt to cover-up what has been happening” in relation to the problems with the potable water supply at the new St Bernard’s Hospital.

And they have also rejected “absurd” comments describing them as alarmist, since Government then proceed “to confirm everything we have been saying.”

A GSLP/Liberal spokesman said:

“The Government has confirmed the continuation of the potable water drinking ban in some blocks of the hospital building at Europort following high levels of copper content.

This information has been made available only in response to Opposition requests for information on the subject given that nothing more had been heard on the matter since the beginning of July.

It is now an established tactic of this Government to issue statements which are critical of the Opposition but which end up confirming what the Opposition has been saying.

The problem with the water supply at St Bernard’s Hospital is a case in point. The Opposition had been informed that bottled water was still being distributed because the tap water drinking ban remained in place. This is true. We also made the point that the Government had not publicly stated what the results were of the further tests conducted into the drinking water since 4 July. This is also true.

It will be recalled that people had been complaining to the Opposition about the weird taste of the drinking water at the hospital for many weeks before the original Government statement of 4 July. At the time, until the Government commented on the matter, the Opposition chose to privately conduct its own investigation in order to establish the facts. It was the Government that made this a public issue in the first place.

It is all very well for the Government to suggest that they have conducted a two month investigation into the problem, but the essential point is that this should have never happened in the first place in what they have often described as a “state of the art” hospital.”

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