Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New People apologises to Nick Cruz, no damages paid

Spanish TV report story

Nick Cruz who recently resigned from the executive committee of the GSD PartyThree and a half years after publishing a story prompted by a Valencia TV programme on Gibraltar the New People weekly newspaper has formally apologised to lawyer Nick Cruz stating that they accept that their article was defamatory of Mr Cruz and that there is “no substance to any allegation of money laundering or other wrongdoing on his part”.

There was no order as to costs.

A New People spokesman said that they accepted that they had not seen the whole video and confirmed that they continue to seek access to that.

In its original story the New People had claimed that an undercover report had exposed a local lawyer and bank and had gone on to identify Mr Cruz as the lawyer also saying he was an executive member of the GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats).

The newspaper declared that when it published the article it was not in the possession of the full facts and had only seen “the version of the video which was televised and had been edited.”

James Neish QC represented Mr Cruz and Gillian Guzman appeared for the New People.

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