Saturday, September 03, 2005

MoD apologise for ‘Bay of Algeciras’ upset

The Bay of Gibraltar - A view overlooking the Cepsa Refinery in Los Barrios
In a statement issued under the heading ‘Bay of Algeciras’ the MoD yesterday issued a statement apologising for the upset created by their reference to the ‘Bay of Algeciras’ in a recent press statement.

In their statement, the MoD said:

“British Forces Gibraltar stated in a press release last week that a German diver tragically died whilst diving in the “Bay of Algeciras”.

In response to the several letters and articles in the press questioning the use of the term “Bay of Algeciras”, British Forces Gibraltar would like to clarify that the intention was to state that the German diving accident occurred in the waters off Algeciras.

No political statement was intended and the sovereignity of British Territorial Waters was not being called into question.

British Forces Gibraltar would like to apologise for any upset caused,”

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