Monday, September 19, 2005

MCA express concern over family reunion rights

Moroccan Community Association has renewed calls for increased schooling and medical rights for Moroccan nationals and their children in Gibraltar.

In a statement to the Chronicle yesterday, MCA vice-president Ali Douissi says they are obliged to pay taxes but miss out on their right to have their children with them. And he asks the public “how would you feel if the tables were turned on you?”

Mr Douissi says the Moroccan community in Gibraltar is hard working and honest, and given the opportunity to be part of the community “we shall do nothing but good things because our wish despite the difficulties, is to spend our lives here.”

He said Moroccan-Gibraltarians were simple workers earning in most cases only the minimum wage and when they are authorised to reunite with their families, usually during the summer, have to pay £35 per children’s visa at the British consulate in Tangier.

Mr Douissi also complains that on entering Gibraltar their children’s passports are taken away from them until they leave, and that this makes them feel “imprisoned.” said:

"It is disturbing that after living here for over 25 years that we should still face problems to be united with our kids. They have to be under 18 years old and wait for the time of reunion. The truth is such treatment makes people less productive and angry at the same time.”


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