Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ITEC faultless paper

Janet Grant, a student in Beauty Therapy and Holistic Therapies, received a 100% grade in the summer ITEC international examinations producing a totally faultless paper.

Christine Shaw, who presented her with her certificate and has been training students in the fields of for many years, says this is an unparalleled achievement. Many local people have all graduated from Christine’s training courses but she points out that the encouragement for all is that Janet is not a youngster embarking in life with limitless time.

“She is a hugely busy mother, committed extensively too with business activities here in Gibraltar where she is indeed a well known figure.

To give all this time and energy to perfect her studies shows huge perseverance and enormously hard work showing the way to other mums who may feel daunted by the challenge.

As Janet would say …go for it!”

Janet now plans to study further complementary health therapies in the years ahead.


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