Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hospital water safe to drink, says Government

Gibraltar Government yesterday announced that the water supply at St Bernard’s Hospital is once again safe to drink after “the unusual copper levels” that had been detected, are now “back to normal throughout the system.”

The “no drinking” order on hospital tap water was lifted by Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) on Friday 16th September 2005.

The problem had caused consternation among patients and their relatives when the problem was first discovered earlier in the summer.

A Gibraltar Government spokesman said:

“Earlier this month the Government issued a public statement to reassure patients, their families and members of the general public who had been unduly concerned by the alarmist and inaccurate comments made by the Opposition in respect of the water supply at St. Bernard’s Hospital. At that time, the Government stated that GHA had continued to carry out extensive tests during August and that copper levels were back to normal throughout the system.” “GHA also stated that as soon as these results were corroborated by the Public Analyst and by an independent laboratory, it was expecting the water system to become fully operational and the ban on drinking water to be lifted.

The Government is pleased to confirm that the results of the tests carried out last week by this fully accredited independent laboratory outside Gibraltar, the tests carried out separately by the Government’s Public Analyst, as well as GHA’s internal testing all confirm that the hospital’s water supply continues to be safe to drink and that the unusual copper levels are now back to normal throughout the system.

We congratulate the GHA for their prompt response and remedial action which was immediately taken, and for the hard work carried out by all members of the GHA staff during July and August who have been systematically inspecting, examining and testing the hospital’s water system, including all the tanks and pumps.”

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