Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Health and Safety Seminar

Construction company Brues y Fernandez Gibraltar SA recently held a health and safety seminar at the Eliott Hotel.

The first part of the seminar consisted of a general overview of safety within Brues Y Fernandez Gibraltar SA, part of the Bruesa Group and the second part concentrated on safety issues in relation to one of its sites in Gibraltar, Ocean Village.

Fernandez was originally founded in 1918 as Empresa Fernandez in Rabat, in 1946 it became Societe Marocaine Des Entreprises Fernandez and in 1959 the company was incorporated in Spain as Fernandez Constructor SA. Construcciones Brues SA was founded in 1979 and subsequently merged with Fernandez Constructor SA forming the Bruesa Group.

Like any successful organisation, Bruesa takes occupational safety and health very seriously. The seminar, which was very well attended by representatives of relevant Government departments as well as those directly involved with the project, was conducted by Madrid based Joaquin Garvin Gomez, Brues y Fernandez director for Health & Safety, Seville based Victor Ramos, Brues Safety Advisor for the Andalucia region, and Richard Labrador, Safety Consultant for Brues Y Fernandez Gibraltar SA.


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