Wednesday, September 21, 2005

GSD considers Cruz aftermath

Nick Cruz who recently resigned from the executive committee of the GSD PartyA GSD (Gibraltar Social Democrats) executive meeting on Tuesday night is understood to have been dominated by the recent resignation of Nick Cruz from its ranks, it emerged yesterday.

This comes as the executive prepares to take on three activists from the Labour Party following their merger.

Daniel Feetham - ex Leader of the Gibraltar Labour Party joins the Gibraltar Social Democrats today in a long anticipated mergerDaniel Feetham, who led the Labour Party, was not present, it is understood. He is expected to participate in future GSD executive meetings whilst Mr Cruz left last week criticising the direction of the party and its leadership.

Mr Cruz’s move came as lawyer Charles Gomez announced the setting up of a new political party calling itself the New Democracy for Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, the GSLP (Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party) was understood to be holding an activists meeting last night.

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