Thursday, September 15, 2005

Government backs 'Clean Up The World' Campaign

The Environmental Safety Group organising Gibraltar's Clean up the World Weekend on 18th and 19th September 2005
Ministry for the Environment is supporting the Clean Up the World Campaign (Gibraltar) organised by the Environmental Safety Group (ESG).

The Ministry said this is because the group’s valuable contribution to the betterment of Gibraltar’s environment and the merits of the programme on a global level as outlined by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Solutions to global problems start with local contributions, said the Ministry in a statement.

The Ministry will be taking part in the Clean Up the World (Gibraltar) weekend on the 17 and 18 September.

In the statement, the Environement Minister Jaime Netto said:

“The occasion is a good opportunity to increase public awareness and highlight the importance of promoting environmental values throughout the community.

It is hoped that through this campaign, the public in general, will appreciate that maintaining a clean environment in Gibraltar is an ongoing process which needs everyone’s contribution and help.

Not throwing litter and reminding those who do that such actions have a negative impact on our environment is an example of how we all have the ability to protect our environment.”

The weekend campaigns encompasses a series of events from a parade and awareness day to the physical cleaning of 12 sites (20 areas) amongst other activities.

In addition, various Government Departments, businesses and NGO’s have already pledged their support as participants. “The campaign should promote community and family values towards our environment, an environment that belongs to all of us,” said Mr Netto who will give a key-note speech on Saturday at the end of the parade at John Mackintosh Square. This then, will be followed by participating in the cleaning of a designated site with his family.

“Promoting a sense of community spirit and civic pride directed at creating awareness in our environment is the best way of tackling the ‘hard problem’, of how we, as individuals, can make a real difference to our environment. I therefore appeal to all of you, especially with your families to participate in the various activities organized,” he said.

For further details on Clean Up the World (Gibraltar) and how you can sign up to local activities please contact: Liesel Mesilio-Torres, Ministry for the Environment, Tel 45003.


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