Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gomez attacks Gibraltar “backward” laws

New Gibraltar Democracy the latest political party to be formed on the Rock has accused the GSD Government of “neglecting the issue of public health and safety in local beaches.”

Charles Gomez - Leader of New Gibraltar Democracy, Gibraltar's latest political partyIn a statement to the Chronicle, lawyer and party leader Charles Gomez has called on the Gibraltar Government to carry out an inspection by qualified health and safety surveyors of all leisure areas not just beaches, but also the tourist sites, “so that dangerous places are made safe immediately.”

Mr Gomez said the Government “hides behind a law of 1788 to avoid claims from people injured as a result of poor maintenance and lack of repair of public thoroughfares.”

He said that it had been drawn to his attention that when faced with claims from two elderly ladies the Government “did not hesitate to rely on this legal relic to deprive them of just compensation.”

Mr Gomez added that in 2001 the Court of Appeal asked the House of Assembly to look into this “as a matter of urgency,” but that nothing had been done.

Highway Injuries Database

Meanwhile Mr Gomez says his party is compiling a database of citizens who have been injured as a result of failures in the maintenance and upkeep of public thoroughfares.

Isobella Caruana, a spokesperson for the group said that they intend to press the Government to put a proper repair and maintenance system in place as well as seeking legislation to allow people injured to sue for compensation. They are asking people to contact them at PO Box 659, Gibraltar.


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