Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gibraltar title in draft text restrictive, says Gomez

New Party points to constitution “flaw”

There is a serious flaw in the draft Constitution prepared by the Committee headed by the Chief Minister Peter Caruana, the recently created New Gibraltar Democracy has declared.

The draft provides that Gibraltar shall be known as “the City of Gibraltar”.

Charles Gomez - Leader of New Gibraltar Democracy, Gibraltar's latest political partyIn a statement issued yesterday party leader lawyer Charles Gomez said “urgent consideration must be given to a more accurate title such, as, for instance “the City and territory of Gibraltar.” Mr Gomez said:

“When the 1969 constitution was enacted, Gibraltar was given the title of “the City of Gibraltar,” to reflect the postcolonial aspirations of the Gibraltarians at the time.

The previous title, by Letters Patent of 1950 had been “the City and Garrison of Gibraltar.

However, “City of Gibraltar” does not properly reflect the extent of our territory, because Gibraltar encompasses more than a city and consists of the city, its suburbs, the upper rock, the Europa district, the East side, the isthmus (including the airport) and our territorial waters.

In view of the Spanish claim, it would be reckless of the Constitutional Committee to promote a new Constitution, which provides such a restrictive title for the territory of Gibraltar.

Whereas it could be argued that the 1969 Order was foisted on a colonial people by the administering power, the same could not be said of the 2005 version.

On this occasion, it is the Gibraltarian side that proposes such a dangerously restrictive title for Gibraltar. Inevitably it will be said by the Spanish side that the new Constitution (if passed as so poorly drafted) is not intended to apply to the airport and the waters around us, neither of which could possibly be called a “City” or part of it.”


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