Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gibraltar part of UK, says Fox

Dr Liam Fox - Conservative Shadow Foreign SecretaryAs he took a brief detour, from his bid for the Tory leadership, to talk to Gibraltar business leaders, Dr Liam Fox, UK’s shadow foreign secretary, last night declared that the “reaffirmation of Gibraltar’s right to self-determination is paramount.”

In brief comments to the Chronicle ahead of his address to the Chamber, (Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce), Dr Fox urged a “post colonial” constitutional position for the Rock.

He pointed to the changes that haven take place with Scotland and Wales as examples of finding a reasonable balance in the relationship. But he was clear – Gibraltar is part of UK and Spain had to understand this.

He said that the relationship between Gibraltar and Spain should be like that between any EU partners and pointed to the benefits of economic co-operation with Spain for both sides including the use of infrastructure like the airport.

Dr Fox, publicly backed by former leader William Hague, last week moved his campaign for the Tory leadership sharply to the right with a pledge to halve the abortion limit from 24 weeks to 12 and he sought to bolster his Christian, Right-wing credentials expressing “big reservations” about homosexual marriage and lamenting the deterioration of family values.


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