Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gibraltar celebrates UN International Day of Peace

Secretary General Kofi Annan rings the Japanese Peace Bell in observance of the 'International Day of Peace' - 21st September 2005Gibraltar today celebrates the UN International Day of Peace with a talk at the John Mackintosh Hall by Manda Patel, the Director of Global Retreat Centre in Oxford and a renowned meditation teacher and lecturer on values and spirituality.

Arriving in Gibraltar yesterday she told the Chronicle her talk entitled ‘Wisdom-Love-Peace and Happiness’ would explore the subject of peace and how everyone can make their own personal contribution to peace in the world.

“We can’t always rely on political and religious leaders to create peace in society so we have to achieve it ourselves,” she says.

Manda Patel believes everyone needs to give though to the quality of lives and their lifestyle in order to be able to interact with other people. She added:

“War begins in the minds of people, we need to learn to work with minds and heart and learn to look also at the quality of peace inside ourselves. The event will also see a meditation session on the theme of peace to be able to share this energy with the world,”

The event has been sponsored by the Alwani Trust and starts at 7.45 pm at the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre. Entrance is free.


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