Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ESG highlight hugely successful 'Clean Up' campaign

The Environmental Safety Group organised Gibraltar's Clean up the World Weekend on 18th and 19th September 2005
Around 1000 bags of rubbish were collected together with huge piles of wood, metal and furniture this weekend during the Environmental Safety Group (ESG) 'Clean up the World' campaign.

The rubbish pile builds up at the dump collected by the ESG Teams of volunteers during the Clean up the World Weekend on 18th and 19th September 2005The ESG said that between 30-40 tons of rubbish was removed from various sites around the Rock. Minister for the Environment Jaime Netto, endorsed the campaign and he and his family joined one of the teams in Europa to help clear a site.

It made a big difference to the sites we were in, with some examples of before and after shots taken. Each team took a series of photographs and these will also be published as they are handed in. (Available now in ESG Picture Gallery here).

The ESG said:

“23 areas were covered with the help of 300 volunteers from a cross section of our community. Over twenty organisations and a large number of individuals worked extremely hard. Clean up the World campaign is about community led projects and this was Gibraltar’s first ever participation.

We will now compile a report on the site clean ups, finds, photographic material, on remaining areas to be cleared and will make recommendations to the authority concerned for actions to be taken to reduce this intolerable assault on our environment. The report will be made public once it is finished.

Among the recommendations will be:- more waste collection points and litter bins; anti-litter campaigns; enforcement of anti-littering and dumping laws; recycling; attention to be given to the many neglected areas which were the focus of our clean-ups. This to include restoration of native vegetation and tree planting. A map of the sites will be provided to Govt and agencies.

The ESG is planning to erect signs in public places showing before and after images. This will aim to dissuade would-be litterers to change their behaviour and to feel proud about Gibraltar and our community as those who took part in the clean up should feel over what was, quite literally, an amazing weekend. CUTW will be organised again in 2006.”

Reform Party congratulates ESG

The Reform Party yesterday congratulated the ESG on its “excellent organisation of the ‘Clean Up the World’ weekend in Gibraltar.”

The Party said it was proud to have been able to participate and wishes the ESG and Gibraltar many such successful events in future years.

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Interested Volunteers for any ESG future events, including CUTW 2006, can find out how they can help by contacting any one of the following ESG Members: Janet Howitt on 43156 - Ernest Teuma 74467 - Ewen Clinton 50530 - Tom Scott 58009259

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