Friday, September 02, 2005

DPC scrutinises Eliott’s Tower

The plans submitted by the O’Callaghan Hotel Group for a 28-floor, 95-metre high annexe to the existing hotel were under scrutiny yesterday by the Development and Planning Commission.

The Chronicle understands that a project of that height is likely to face DPC resistance although there are no indications that there have been many substantial objections from the public.

The extension would be over twice the height of the existing Eliott Hotel and more than three times the height of the nearby Gibraltar Heights building.

Artist impressions submitted by the O’Callaghan group as part of an application for outline planning permission filed with the Office of the Town Planner show a visually arresting, modern building that soars over its setting.

Yesterday the Commission considered the submissions from architects and developers and held initial discussions but the town planners will have to meet again with them and more discussions have to take place.

The annexe would be linked to the existing Eliott Hotel by a bridge at the level of the existing reception area, which would double as the main entrance to both.

The plans, prepared by WCSA Architects and Planning Consultants, state that the aim is to provide a new architectural focal point for the area and build much-needed high-quality hotel business suites in the centre of town.


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